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A place to just 'Be'

Grace and Space ...








For me these two beautifully attractive words need to go together!


In order for my body to function somewhat well and for my mind to be in some sort of 'rational mode'... I need space.


Space to rest my mind, gather my thoughts, understand and process life, events, emotions, priorities and truly gain some sense of order. I then find it a lot easier to show grace...


Grace is beautifull! Grace loves, it has time for people, it doesn't lose its head with 'said family member'! That 'person' at work, at school, at church, at fill in the blank. I really do not want to be an angry, hot-headed, irrational idiot! In fact, just the very thought of it makes my heart beat a little faster and somehow instantly allows life to feel so much weightier and demanding. Who wants that? Not me.


'Grace is weightless'


'Space is essential'


Mark 1:35-


'Very early in the morning, while it was dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.'


If God - in - man, Jesus, needed space.... I most certainly do.


He made us, He knows the manual to these beautifully complex bodies, minds and souls of ours. 


In that verse above, Jesus woke up early, on purpose, to make space, to get some alone time...


Mornings may not be your idea of some point...every day...find your space to simply breathe in God's goodness to YOU.


Allow your over-loaded mind the opportunity to unravel...


to process...


Allow your often 'over-weary' and 'underfed' soul...some nourishment.


Then maybe you can finally feel the presence of God again flowing through your whole being.


Remember those clearer days before the deadlines, before the family commitments, before the mental breakdown, before the chronic illness...before the iPhone!?


Let's find that presence again or discover it for the first time...


Create space...


and in that space...


...let your soul remember... grace. ❤️


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Music for the Soul

"Play music, sing music, feel the release and find some comfort that your soul needs."

I have loved music from my earliest memory...


I suppose I was just three or four years old when my beloved Grandad would record me singing onto a cassette tape.


 Sadly, my dear Grandparents lived a whopping four hours away so I suppose (sentimental as Grandad was ) that he found the 'Goodbyes' with the family somewhat easier with a cassette tape memory of his grandkids tucked into his deep coat pocket for safe keeping.

(Plus a humbug  or wrapped jelly sweet, naturally. -He rocked!)


Once Grandad was home and somewhat alone (bar Nanny and the cat!) at any time, he could play that recording ...and I guess it did his soul good. ❤️

Allowing him to 'revisit' our visit, our songs-at any time.


The power of recorded sound!


Even listening back to those recordings now, I can hear his strong, calm voice encouraging me.


Then my little, squeaky, innocent, 'fragile-sounding' voice heartily singing out my favourite songs from Sunday School.


Even now, thirty years later, it transports me instantly back to that care-free time of being a child...enjoying every moment with my Grandad.


And for those moments that I am listening ...I could be there with him.


I suppose that's the power of music, isn't it?


In a moment it can seriously transport us to a time, a place, an emotion?




I encourage you to listen to something that will uplift your souls today....


Choose the right music to feed a part of you that feels empty, lonely, anxious or lost...


Be it classical, rock, country, worship ... you know what floats your boat!


(In fact talking of boats-wave music is incredibly calming. 😉)


As a Christian, I believe music is a gift from God to both give and release emotions.


I'm convinced that Heaven is FULL of music in the most glorious and breathtakingly way possible ...with sights and sounds we simply couldn't describe down here. 


As a Singer and a Song-Writer I find music to be 'A Tranquil Space', a space where I can REALLY express and discover and release my inner emotions and somehow, in some meets a deep, supernatural need that otherwise I could be unaware of.


I have also seen the incredible impact music can have on both large audiences and individuals. It's quite amazing and I love to be a part of that.-Helping people to really connect and  feel an emotion that they had lost or forgotten... or never before discovered. 


Well, sadly, my Grandad didn't know I grew up to be such a music lover and work as a professional Singer...but I'm sure thankful to him for encouraging my journey towards where I am today, to value music, to cherish and hold dear precious moments and to capture what you can as those dear memories live on when we do not.


So here 'I' am encouraging YOU to play music, sing music, record music if you're so equipped!


Feel a release and find some comfort that your soul needs in music. 


I believe it is something we really need- At times where our mind is chaotic/our emotions are low a moment, music can touch something deep within us that words alone cannot. 


Find your Soul Music ...


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"Follow Me"

A Fresh Undestanding ...

At the beginning of this year I was naturally processing the last.


The good, the bad and the ugly.


I sat there with my Bible in hand, coffee going cold, gazing out of the window at the bleak bare January trees feeling somewhat bleak and bare myself!


I felt exposed as I confronted many truths I'd been ignoring the previous year.


I suddenly found myself feeling completely 'overwhelmed' at the magnitude that seemed 'wrong' in my life.


Feeling this overwhelming sense of frustration  in my mind I cried out to God,

"How do I change EVERYTHING!???" 


I immediately heard this calm answer in my mind  


"You don't....I will." 


    ...."Follow Me..."


Immediately an overwhelming peace and clarity struck me was so simple.


In that moment  I was reminded that when Jesus met people 'right where they were' -often in a desperate situation...

He did not demand them to ' Sort their lives out!'


He always redirected them, saying "Follow me."


His wisdom was always to drop everything and follow.


First priority.


Always, was Him.


He is 'The Way' 'The Truth' 'The Life'...


As we follow Him first, as we walk behind in His wise footsteps 'all others things' will fall naturally into place behind us, in the order they should be as we now walk firmly in His Will.


 What a relief I felt!


It isn't about me 'controlling' things!


It isnt a case of nailing things down like on a 'Pinterest' board or cleverly 'rearranging' my life until it makes more sense ...


It doesn't even involve asking the advice of every person that will listen...


None of those things...

its all about me 'letting go' and following ...Jesus.


He's got this. 




I've  felt such a dramatic change since that moment.


Refreshed, enlightened and engaged in seeking His presence continually.


'But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.' Matthew 6:33

I've loved sharing my devotional thoughts with you. Rebecca x