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I grew up as the youngest of four girls, a Pastor's kid! It was generally quite a busy household as you can imagine...


Our Dad, being the Pastor of one church after another, meant constant location change, ranging from the mountainous valleys of Wales to London's über commercial Covent Garden...all of which, I called 'home' for different seasons. 


Our home was a little unusual for most but probably completely normal for full time ministry. This often meant people 'dropping in' unannounced at all hours... with all sorts of issues; so I think I grew up fast and gained 'some' wisdom along the way of what 'to' and what 'not' to do. I also saw the diversity of characters that come 'just as they are' to Christ. 


Could this busy home lifestyle have ignited my need for this tranquility? Possibly. 


I desire my own home to be a place where people feel really welcome but not where they can disturb the peace. I respect people and expect that respect in return. It's also so important to protect our own family unit and prioritise and nurture the family nest. If we are strong internally, we can be a mighty force of God's goodness externally! 


Ultimately through all those hectic years as a 'Pastor's Kid', I also developed my own deep connection with God. I found my own relationship with Jesus pretty early on in life, which has grown richer over the years. God's love has always pursued me and His grace forever changed me.


I'm a Singer by trade.

Music runs deep in my gene pool!

I come from a long line of musicians, musical directors and entertainers!

I also love to lead worship at my local church and see atmospheres and people change in the presence of God.


I'd like to personally welcome you to and explain the passion behind the process...


Throughout my life I have seen the devastating effect stress can have on people both mentally and physically... if left untreated. It is no light matter.


Little did I realise that one day it would catch up with me too! Yep, even super laid-back me eventually bore the brunt of carrying too many loads for other people. (This passive character trait can be the most sneaky and deceptive of all because we do not 'appear' to be stressed!) This combined with our modern day habit of 'no switch off time' produced a sharp, dangerous shift in my health.

 The 'Stress Monster' had caught me!

I wound up with an unusual chronic illness, which meant spending a lot of time 'resting', out of no other choice because my body forgot how to autonomic nervous system well and truly blown!


I believe if we don't give our bodies the adequate rest they deserve, eventually they do it for themselves; forced rest is the result and often along with nasty and possibly lasting implications. 


So I'm purposefully seeking out tranquility and inviting you along on the journey of regaining wellness in Body, Mind and Spirit. 


I know God has a great plan for each of us...but we are useless if we are stressed out and burnt out! 


Proverbs 9:11

"For through wisdom your days will be many, and years will be added to your life."


Let's be wise enough to look after these beautiful bodies of ours that our Father God has only get one and it deserves your  respect! I'm listening to mine a lot better these days !


Sharing some tips, life experience and the knowledge of God's Word, I hope to inspire you here at to consciously  love and look after yourself and those around you. ❤️


 Wishing you great peace and joy...


Rebecca x