Come in from the cold...

A place to belong...finding hope again.

Do you ever feel like you're on the outside looking in?


Do you long for the warmth and comfort of 'belonging' but never allow yourself to relax long enough or trust enough to truly belong anywhere?


Maybe in the past you've been hurt or mistreated. 


The walls of steel can easily go up without us realising that we are not just locking ourselves out of the bad stuff...but also the good. 


I talk a lot here at 'A Tranquil Space' 

about needing space, that solitude, that bliss and sanctuary of alone time... but no man/woman is an island. 


Part of nourishing your mind, body and soul will be found when you invest in deep, meaningful relationships. We've heard the saying "A problem shared is a problem halved." and that should be true of a meaningful friendship. 


Everyone seems to need therapy these days...I'm not knocking it, I believe it's essential for certain things and a magnificent tool ...but I also believe a lot of people in therapy are possibly just love-starved and in desperate need of real friendship. A non-judgemental friend that you can trust is surely worth their weight in gold. 


Be mindful to be the type of friend to others that you yourself so desperately need.


Connection and community.


You should try to spend most of your life around people of HOPE! Believers! They will increase your strength spiritually, mentally and I believe... physically! 


Hope is a very powerful thing. It allows us to gain some perspective. It allows us to dream, to believe, to keep going, even when life is tough.


As the well known song suggests, "Don't stop believing !" Haha. And never, ever lose hope. But possibly 'lose' some bad company and 'gain' some real friends that are worth their weight in gold! 


'Be mindful to be the type of friend to others that you yourself so desperately need.'