We all need help sometimes...

Seeing yourself as a priority is not selfish...

Make space to remind yourself you are loved.

There seems to be an incredible pendulum swing when it comes to self care.


On one hand, people can become self-obsessed, worshipping the very ground that they walk on and trampling on everyone around them. 


On the other hand (I think this is the more 'sneaky' of the two), people may think that being 'sacrificial' means allowing their own needs to suffer, to the point of near abuse, to the detriment of their own physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


The reason we need to look after ourselves, is for a much higher calling than our own ego. 


In the Bible we are told that our bodies are 'a temple' ...'a temple of The Holy Spirit.'


When we are made right with our Creator God and have found new life in Jesus, we carry Something incredibly precious. 


This WORTH is what God intends for us.


He holds our bodies so precious that He wants to live inside of them in the form of The Holy Spirit. 


If God has such high regard for what He has created...who are we to abuse it ...or to let anyone else abuse it for that matter? (Really keep that in your mind and meditate on it.)


We are living in a 'trashy' generation, where we have so little respect for ourselves it is terrifying. 


We eat trash, we watch trash, we talk trash, we start unknowingly believing we ARE trash and then we can easily let people treat us like trash.


It. Is. A. Lie.


The TRUTH is ... you are precious.


How I wish that I had grasped this FULLY at an earlier age. 


This is true self care.


If only I had seen the worth God holds so dear for my body and all that my very being holds. 


If I'd had really grasped this then maybe some things would be drastically different in my life and the lessons I've had to learn possibly wouldn't have hit quite so hard with a gigantic thud!


How I wish I had 'really' looked after myself and shown my body and mind a bit more respect.


Fitness. Friendships. Relationships. The list may well go on...


It's not been ideal but it's not too late to make a change, in my life, in your life...


'We are to treat ourselves with a higher respect so that we will be fully equipped for our higher calling.'


If this has struck a chord with you, why don't you find your own 'Tranquil Space' today and really allow God to help you in this area of self care. 


He adores you and He wants to help you to help yourself so that you can be a source of 'overflowing' help to others rather than trying to help others from your 'burnt out' state. 


God loves you. ❤️


Love yourself. 💞


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'We are to treat ourselves with a higher respect so that we can be fully equipped for our higher calling.'

'Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.'-Ephesians 5:1

Refill please.

Rebecca x

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