'Start your day in a great way.'

Good Morning Sunshine!

I've heard it said that the way we start the day, our mindset, energy level, mood etc...can seriously set the tone for the entire day. 




As an eternal optimist I am sure that there is always a reset button... but why risk it ? 


 Some of my 'chirpy' morning rituals are...


A big cup of tea. I never question this.


Cutting off negative thoughts in their tracks.


As soon as I wake up, there is a moment of utter bliss...I don't know where I am or who I am or what planet I am on...then a sort of wacky setting in my mind says, "Wake up! You're here! You're you! Now what was 'that thing' weighing on your mind last night?"....Bam!💥 It's back! Reality strikes fast.


I now have the choice to step back and let go of that anxious mindset or grab onto it and let it replay all day...so ideally I'm gonna note it and then let it float! ...Off you go nasty anxious thought ... off you go...like a cloud! ☁️ Yup-that panicky, anxious kind of start to my day can seriously take a hike! I want a good day thank you very much!


Mind corrected...it's body time...


I gotta 'work it out', no matter my feelings or how dark the morning is or how gorgeously warm and soft my bed feels - mmm - it can feel so goood! BUT the gym or a power walk is a must for me!


I remind myself how much better I will feel later on for it....yeah that works... that powerful reminder gets me up and out! 


Mind & Body corrected. Spirit...


As a Christian I find incredible strength in hanging out in God's presence, being still, reading the Bible (Life Manual by The One who put me together in the first place!)

or some great books along a similar theme that may assist me on a practical level. (Usually a large mug of tea/coffee or a giant smoothie close to hand makes it feel like an exciting event!) 


In this space I'm reminded it's not 'all about me' and that is great!


God has got this day and instantly I'm calmer! I may not have stacks of time but if nothing else, I'm grabbing a 'snack' of God's truth until I can find time for a real meal later in the day.


(Busy Mums - I Hear ya! 'Snacking' is the way to go ! Tough season. P.S You are awesome and you ARE doing a good job!! )


I hope that your mornings are a little sweeter and not quite so sour from now on! 


☀️Think of ways in which you could start each morning in a brighter, more focused, more positive way?


☀️Find your tranquil space and meditate on what works and what doesn't, then maybe make some changes. 


If you have any great morning tips, feel free to give us your wisdom in the comments section below! 


Have a great day! ☀️

Rebecca x

Go get em!