Making your soul happy

Hello Weekend...

Sit back & smell the coffee ! It's the weekend!

I absolutely love weekends! As a couple and now as a family we hold those two days a week somewhat 'sacred'.  We have always treated them like 'mini holidays'. Having this view certainly breaks up the monotony of everyday life and gives you the chance to feel a little bit freer two days a week! 


It's nothing lavish or overly expensive (although my husband may tell you otherwise! Ha!)'s just mindfully making the most of those two days off, to revel in life and do stuff that makes your soul happy. 


Think about what that looks like for you...


If your weekends (or days off) look more like a daunting 'to do' list, than a break you may need to seriously rethink. 


We just all need a break from the routine to keep our minds healthy. 


If you're married/have children, then they definately deserve a big chunk of this time to just hang out with you and really get to bond. These special moments can be the glue that hold you all together through the harder times. ❤️


It's wonderful to have memories and photos of these simple but special times together.


Get creative and see how awesome you can make your weekends! 


Here's some food for thought .. (borrowed from my own ideas of fun!)


Pack up breakfast or lunch and head to the countryside or the beach -whatever the weather! (Car picnics can still be fun after a blustery walk!)


Close the curtains, dish out snacks and have a movie marathon! (Duvet days can be utter bliss!)


Invite some friends or family over for a 'posh dinner party' or a relaxed 'help yourself' buffet. 


Light the fire (or some candles!) Get cosy and play board games together.


I'm sure you have more exotic ideas like surfing or scaling down a scary cliff! You go for it! (You'll find me having a picnic or a movie marathon instead 😉)


Seriously though at some point on both days I do think it's great to breath in that fresh air and just go long!


Another big part of our weekend is Church. Our daughter has fun in Sunday School while we get to be spiritually fed with amazing music and great teaching. Some weeks we get to serve by being in the band and that is so fulfilling too! It's great to be a part of something bigger than our own little unit. 


Well, whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope come Sunday night you have a happy heart full of memories and a soul that's been well and truly nourished ...ready for the new week ahead! 


I'd love to hear your fun weekend ideas in the comments below or anything that you've read here and are inspired to try!