'Waiting Well'

Living in the moment...



Learning to keep our peace while waiting can be hard, but essential. 


People that are always 'on to the next thing' are constantly missing out on the little joys that can go unnoticed with this 'plan ahead mentality' and the gift of every day can get kicked to the curb. 


It's sad. Really sad to be missing out on life 'now' because you're more obsessed with getting to some place/thing/person in the future.


That holiday, that promotion, that house, that car, that perfect body, that relationship...


Here and now is your gift. ❤️




This is your moment to be thankful. 


You know those 'Go! Go! GO!' People.  They don't allow you to enjoy the 'present moment'...because they are simply not in it. 


Don't allow this mindset around you too much...they are 'choosing to miss out' whether they realise it or not and more often than not they are somewhat comfortable staying there. 


Be the one that chooses to enjoy each day with grace, with joy, with a heart full of thankfulness and a heart at peace-even in some of the most trying circumstances. It's possible to keep your peace, to laugh... by redirecting your attention, to your breath, to your life, to the present.


Choose to be around people who enrich your life, who really soak in the joy of now and wait patiently...because they are happy now!


When you ARE, by no other choice, around people that try to steal your peace...be mindful to not allow them too. Be mindful that today is God's gift to you, full of opportunities and and no-one is taking it from you.


Maybe as you're been reading this you've been enlightened and are ready to start enjoying life everyday ...rather than just planning on the highlight reel?


Enjoy every moment. 💙


Don't dread your schedule. Take each moment and be thankful of what you DO have rather than wishing your life away, waiting for the next big thing. 


If you're not content now, the next big thing will disappoint because it is a mindset (not a person/place/thing ) that brings about inner contentment.


As a Christian, reading The Bible, by God's good grace, He is always reminding me to 'live today' to pray for 'daily bread', 'daily grace' and not to worry about tomorrow. 


Being present isn't just a good idea...it's a God idea! 👌🏻


There's joy to be had today! 


Don't miss it. 💙

Rebecca x