Being the best version of yourself means making good choices daily.

Drink up! Water is a powerful creation!

Making simple, positive changes to your life...

Learning to breathe well is a powerful thing. It creates a positive response in your body, allowing it to function as it should.

Taking time to relax and breathe...

Christian Meditation...

In the Bible we are encouraged to mediate on the good stuff. The life giving promises. To think about whatever is good. Whatever is lovely. Things that are excellent, worthy of our attention.

Throughout the day our minds can get littered with general trash and condemnation. It's so important to regain a sense of peace, forgiveness and wellbeing within your own soul. Jesus came to set you FREE. He does not want you bound by anything. 

There is a verse that says 'Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated.' 

It does our own selves no good nor does it do good to those around us when we are low on grace, low on fuel, low on self-worth. 

Online I have found some great Christian meditation material. Ranging from promises you can dwell on to just relaxing music you can lie down and do some healthy breathing techniques too. 

I encourage you to find something that allows you to unwind in a peaceful state and get your breathing full again. When we are stressed we breathe short and sharp often lifting our shoulders up to our ears! Deep breathing should expand the tummy.  Have fun with it and find your inner calm. 💙