Vacate your life...

When you need to get away...

Pacing yourself hasn't happened...your nerves are fried, your emotions scattered and your energy's all too much. "I just need to get away!..." 

Sometimes we need to 'vacate from our lives' take a big leap back...headspace. Perspective.

I write this from a room with a balcony overlooking a lake, listening to gentle noises of wildlife and soaking in nature.

Two days ago I didn't know I'd be here. 

But I'm so thankful that I took the leap to do what what my body was screaming for. 


No crisis, no deadlines, no cute kid asking me multiple questions every two minutes...and no Facebook!!!! ...I'm free. (For two days anyway! Haha.)

Can you sense the warning signs before you're in 'nervous breakdown mode'?

Are you able to escape?

Are you capable of feeling awkward (cancelling plans, meetings, family commitments) for your own sanity and just getting away...even for an hour?

This may seem like a luxury ...but maybe it's a necessity...?

Maybe you'll invest in life much richer after some much needed time out.

Maybe your marriage will survive, maybe your kids will like you, maybe your job won't seem so daunting, maybe you'll sense God presence and direction again...maybe... 'insert your answer here'

Vacate...for an hour, an afternoon, a day, a weekend...

Silence and solitude are powerful tools...if we choose to use them.  

Finding your -Peace. Perspective. Purpose.

Reading by the lake. 'Jesus Calling'  by Sarah Young

Dinner at dusk.

If you've enjoyed what you've experienced here....please share on social media and maybe we'll save a a a life. 'Anything that costs you your peace- is too expensive.'